What to Expect at My Initial Consultation

Seacoast Law offers a free thirty minute initial consultation to potential clients who want to learn more about bankruptcy and whether it would be the right decision for them in their current situation.  In order to better advise you at your consultation, we ask that you come to the meeting with a general idea as to what your monthly income and expenses are, what your outstanding debts are, and what you have for assets (i.e. personal property, real property, investments).  The attorney you meet with will also need to know of any pending circumstances associated with your case that may require immediate action, for example:

  • If your wages are being garnished,
  • If your house is in foreclosure,
  • If you are being sued for one of your debts in court,
  • If you have any liens or pending liens on your home.

At your consultation, a Seacoast attorney will review this information and advise you regarding possible solutions to the situation.  The decision to file for bankruptcy depends in the specific situation each debtor is in and therefore we will give you information on all chapters and then advise which your best option is.

More information on bankruptcy:

To setup a consultation with Seacoast Law, please call or email us.

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